The Tantra Yoga is the study of the macro from the study of the micro or the study of the universe from an individual’s point of view. The Supreme Reality is realized by drawing all of the sciences known to man. With Tantra Yoga, all that we know, all the different forms of knowledge are drawn together as one by uniting them in order to see the true image of our universe. Tantra Yoga is studying the tree itself rather than studying the branches.

The literal meaning of the word Tantra is expansion. Tantra Yoga is concentrating on the expansion of the consciousness of man in all levels. Tantra Yoga focuses on Shakti as its divine power. Shakti means Cosmic Mother.

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Unfortunately, the purity of Tantra Yoga had been abused by several individuals who proclaim themselves as masters of Tantra Yoga. They use the practice for sexuality but Tantra Yoga is not at all concerned about sexuality. In fact, this practice only creates forces that are transmitted to energy to higher knowledge or channels. It is not for the sexual practice by men and women as some teachers would focus on that aspect alone.

The Tantra Yoga meditation is practiced the same way or almost the same as other forms of Yoga. For the devotees of Tantra, you have to sit as calmly as possible so you can purify both your mind and heart from all the desires and negative thoughts. Then you will feel this life force inside of you and you should then imagine this force floating in you and rising up your spine to the neck and up the forehead. This force would then accumulate in the person’s forehead but this will take time to master. Then this force would be directed outward about 3 feet away. This form would then grow bigger up to the size of a human.

When the life form is outside of the body, the Tantric Yogi, or the person who performs the Yoga, would then invite the feeling of love & devotion towards the life form in front of him/her. This life form would be the representative of him/herself as his/her soul. As the meditation proceeds, the life form would then be invited once again to enter the person through the forehead and down the body through the spine.

It’s an amazing feeling to practice Tantra Yoga. It makes you feel your spiritual essence and know that this spirit or soul in us is really from God. It’s a truly divine experience that will truly make you feel more calm and awakened spiritually. There are Tantra Yoga classes that teach the real essence of this practice while there are those who abuse this technique and used negatively. A Tantric Guru is a spiritual preceptor and it is the Guru that will prescribe you with the right Sadhana where you belong. Tantra Yoga practice is a wonderful experience as it rids off unwanted emotions and gives you the feeling of perfection and freedom.