‘Yoga’ is a Sanskrit word which means ‘union’ – the union of our mind, body and spirit. To learn yoga and achieve physical and mental excellence, this scientific system requires discipline and obedience to certain rules. Yoga can be rightly described by the word ‘Asana’ which means postures or poses. These asanas have been designed to attain mental and physical health which can bring a state of balance to our entire system and rejuvenate us.

The physical component of yoga is known as hatha yoga, which concentrates on poses or asanas. Individuals who regularly practice yoga go through several specific asanas while regulating their breathing.

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List of Asanas:

1. Surya Namaskar means greeting the sun. It begins the session and nourishes the body.
2. Utthan Pada Asana which means lifting the legs to strengthen the back.
3. Paschimothan Asana means bending forward and touching the toe to bring flexibility in your body. This asana is very effective in curing the disorder of spine.
4. Bhujanga Asana is named after king of snake (cobra). By practicing this posture, women can give birth to their child easily.
5. Salabha Asana is reverse of bhujanga asana which activates all the organs of lower body.
6. Sarvanga Asana means posture for whole body. In his posture, the body’s full weight rests on the shoulders. It enhances the blood circulation and energizes and purifies the whole body.
7. Asana Massya means fish and the posture resembles the same. This asana must be practiced after sarvanga asana to get relief from neck and shoulder problems.
8. Dhanur Asana means bow posture. This asana is performed by bending the body like a bow for strengthening the joints of the body. It is beneficial for women.
9. Hala Asana. Hala means plough. In this posture the body needs to bend extreme forward. This asana works very effectively to increase sexual power.
10. Shava Asana. Shava means dead body. This posture is also known as ‘Yoga Nidra’ which means sleep. This asana is done for relaxing the whole body.

Each of these postures has a specific function to perform and works for the well being of our body and mind. There are immeasurable benefits of practicing yoga. The most important benefit is to achieve a life state which is free from anxiety. To obtain the maximum benefit, one will have to combine the practice of Yogasanas, Meditation and Pranayam.

A regular and sincere practice of all three folds can help to cure disease like Diabetes, Digestive disorder, Asthma, Blood Pressure and heart diseases. Research has proved that yoga therapy works successfully because it creates a balance in the nervous and endocrine system, which in turn helps to other organs and the entire system to function successfully. The aim of yoga lies in attaining physical and mental health and living a harmonious life.

The term “yoga” means to unite the spirit, body and the mind. The most important goals while following a yoga lifestyle are training the mind and body besides connecting with the One spiritually.